How It Works

We have everything you need to sell feetpics online. Get started and selling in just 5 steps.

1. Start a Page

To submit your page, you must first create an account. Then you can start by adding your Seller Page. Choose a suitable name for your page. You get your own URL to your site (…/listing/page-name ) that you can use to reach feet fans.

Tip: The more detailed your page is, the better it is for buyers.

2. Add Listings

Your seller page has an integrated ads function, so you can add listings in different categories as you like.

3. Add Feetpics

Load some feetpics into your preview galleries of your site or your ads. You can edit your page at any time in your account. 

Tip: 3 pictures are sufficient, after all, buyers should order a series of photos from you.

4. Page Submission

After a successful adding, your Page will be submitted to our team for approval. If your Page is approved, you will receive an email.

Tip: You can make changes to your Page during the approval period.

5. Promote Your Page

If competition is fierce or you’re just looking to get some more eyes on your Page, consider promoting it.

When you Promote your Page, it will receive higher search prominence, as well as earn additional placement on our website.