Keep yourself (and your feet!) safe from online scammers

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Selling your feet pictures can be a fun and easy way to create an extra stream of revenue but, as with most transactions, can be targeted by online scammers looking to make a quick buck.

The element of anonymity over the Internet does not help. Many people who sell or buy pictures of feet online keep a low or anonymous profile – the nature of the job does not always require a face to the name – or, in this case, the picture. And scammers know, creating hundreds of fake profiles that can be erased with one touch and targeting newcomers who are not aware of the ways they can be tricked out of money.

Examples of scam messages

We already have a number of safety measures for our sellers in place and are constantly working on tightening the safety net. But, as with any other platform, be aware of scam messages that might reach you. We want to help you detect any dodgy or potentially fraudulent offers so you will be able to report them and remain safe. Here are some examples of how scam messages might look like:

“Daddy looking for a sugar babe who is loyal I’m willing to spoil you with a weekly allowance of $800. If interested, Text me on kik. for better communication and pictures.”

“I am a feet king and am looking for a feet princess to send $500 per day as weekly allowances in exchange of feet pics and attention, sorry but am I the kind of man you find? Message me on kik or Text me on WhatsApp”

“I’m looking for a mature babe that can always make me happy and can hold down a good conversation and also take care of her bills which I believe you are down to be my baby text me”

So what does one do in these situations? Here are a few tips to help you safely navigate the whole process. 

Tip 1: Report it immediately

If you see something, say something. If you do receive a message of the sort that is indirectly asking for your private number or offering payment for something other than the feet pics, get in touch with Users can report scammers who have registered as buyers to by contacting support, and we will block them.

Tip 2: Keep a close eye out on the way the message is written

Grammatical errors and blatant spelling mistakes are one way of filtering messages from scammers from genuine buyers. These errors are purposely included by scammers for several reasons. Blatant errors weed out responses from people who are not gullible and help the messages get through spam filters.

Tip 3: Do not send money directly to buyers

As a seller, you should receive payment in exchange for photographs. If anyone asks you, as a seller, to make any payment, then this is a scam. Scammers might request to first send them money to “prove yourself” or send you a fake screenshot of a PayPal payment that requires you to pay money. Do not send any money and report the buyer immediately.

Tip 4: Do not accept any requests to buy a gift card

One tried and tested method used by scammers is to promise a payment against a gift card. Buyers will offer a large sum of money as payment and will ask the seller for a gift card to complete the transfer. As soon as they receive the details of the gift card, the scammers will drain the card and disappear. Remember, as a seller, you should be the one to receive gift cards, not to purchase them.

Tip 5: Scammers pose as “sugar daddies”

These scammers are looking for young girls, and even men, who need money against a promise of an allowance. This, however, is fake and usually ends up with the wannabe sugar daddy trying to groom the victim into selling nudes or giving out their credit card details. Just ignore these messages. always has the back of its sellers and customers and highly recommends that all correspondence and transactions take place through its site for the sellers’ safety and protection.



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